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Job Despatch Management
Accounting Integration

Entirely independent of network and hardware preferences a c t i v i s e r TM is a wireless and paperless job dispatch and management system for field staff.

a c t i v i s e r TM uses standard PDA's and mobile phones to automate field staffs' paperwork and provide wireless, two way communication of job order and billing information between the field and the office. It efficiently and securely connects your mobile field staff to your back-office databases and information systems, providing your business the power and functionality of a large job dispatch system.

a c t i v i s e r TM puts job order information into the palm of your field staffs' hands helping them and your administrative staff to become more productive.

If you are still relying on the traditional job order and dispatching methods then it's time to get mobile with a c t i v i s e r TM. To see a brief demo of a c t i v i s e r TM in action click here.

The a c t i v i s e r TM difference - flexibility and independence...

  • When it comes to connectivity there are no limits with a c t i v i s e r TM - it can operate over any mobile phone network currently available in New Zealand. Plus if you change your mobile phone network provider, a c t i v i s e r TM simply changes with you.
  • a c t i v i s e r TM can be used on your existing PDA* or any model currently available on the market provided it uses a Windows Mobile 2002, 2003, mobile 5 operating system.
  • a c t i v i s e r TM is the only software solution in New Zealand to interface with Microsoft Exchange Scheduling Software.
  • a c t i v i s e r TM has connectivity with the majority of existing accounting systems.**

  *Dependant on age and functionality of existing PDA model
** Compatibility dependent on age and design of existing system software