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Kinetics is an Auckland based IT consultancy and service provider with 15 field technicians working with a broad range of customers.

Kinetics service technicians have used a c t i v i s e r TM via a HP iPAQ 4700 since October 2004.

Customer service coordinator, Ann Deville says "The number of calls I now make to our technicians has dropped by more than 25%, plus data processing of hand written, often illegible paper job sheets are a thing of the past." Data entry time is reduced too, "I now just need to check the content rather than key the info in from job sheets. The extra time I now have available can be used in other areas of the business."

Richard a'Court, one of Kinetics' 15 technicians, says the main benefits of using a c t i v i s e r TM in the field are "Access to up-to-date information on job locations and scheduling so we know instantly where we need to be and when".
"With a c t i v i s e r TM we are now able to view a job's history, make notes as we work and notify our service centre that a job is complete all in real time, without having to make a single phone call" says Richard.
Apart from improved customer service and field efficiencies Kinetic's managing director, Andrew Hunt says "a c t i v i s e r TM has helped Kinetic's to improve its overall invoice processing time as a c t i v i s e r TM interfaces seamlessly with our accounting system." Andrew adds, "Our number of debtor days has reduced significantly and our overall cash flow has improved."